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The son of gold mastiff is transferred to AKC- Mr. Richard, the judge

Beijing report about Eighth Tibetan Mastiff Channel on 3rd, April, 2013

Examinant Richard of AKC and the general manager Mr. Wang from Beijing Gold Mastiff Xingshun

Established for only three years, Beijing Gold Mastiff Xingshun Mastiff Kennel elaborately breeds with high starting point, high standard and normalization kennel as its gist. The owner of the kennel pays attention to the structure of the Tibetan mastiff, he firmly believes that the excellent Tibetan mastiff must have excellent structure and temperament. His persistence brought him gold mastiff, the excellent Black and Tan male mastiff. He also attracted Richard W. Eichhorn, AKC examinant from America. Mr. Richard speaks highly of the gold mastiff, and very appreciates its descendant. In his mind, the descendant of the gold mastiff should come to America for the participation in contest, he believes that its descendent must win the championship (BOB) and he hopes he can buy the descendent of the gold mastiff. 

Congratulation from the Beijing mastiff friends in handing-over scene 


After the negotiation of both parties, Mr. Wang from Beijing Gold Mastiff Shunxing Mastiff Kennel transferred the descendent of gold mastiff to Mr. Richard with the market prices for American Tibetan mastiff. The handing-over scene was successfully completed witnessed by chairman unit and member unit for Chinese Tibetan Mastiff Club. All mastiff friends also gave their profound blessings and the prospect wishes for Chinese Tibetan mastiff to move towards internationalization.

Source: Tibetan Mastiff Channel 8

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